Investing 101

Equity landed you in the world of investing. Unlike a cash bonus or raise, equity is an investment in the future of your company. And, sure, you could treat it like a bonus and cash out your shares at the first opportunity. But you could also hold onto your investment so it has the potential to grow or reinvest a portion to build a diversified portfolio.

Manage it all with your Schwab One® brokerage account

The brokerage account where you manage your equity unlocks tons of possibilities. You can use it to manage your company shares as well as start to invest in other companies and explore different types of products or investments.

Whether you want to invest on your own, get started with automated investing, or work with a financial advisor, we're here to guide you through the basic principles of investing and give you a clear path with actionable next steps.

Illustration of a person sitting at a desk and looking at a computer monitor showing investing charts and graphs.


  • Why invest

    A person sitting on their living room floor next to an open laptop holds a smartphone and sheet of paper.

    Learn about the advantages of investing and the power of compound growth.

  • How to invest

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    Discover a five-step action plan to set yourself up for success, starting with setting your goals.

  • Start investing

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    Check out ways to get started, including placing trades, building a themed portfolio, working with an advisor, and more.