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Managing money: Six principles of personal finance

Long-term financial stability requires a look at the six personal finance topics that can have the biggest impact on your life: budgeting, saving, debt, taxes, insurance, and retirement. 


How to prioritize your savings: follow a few principles

You know you're supposed to be saving, but where do you even start? Understanding a few principles of saving can help you prioritize your goals and figure out where to put your money.

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How to save for an emergency fund

Saving for an emergency fund is one of the most important savings goals, but how much do you really need? Learn what you can do to protect yourself financially. 

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How to create a monthly budget

Budgeting is about understanding the relationship between your income and your expenses. With a monthly budget, you can keep track of where all your money goes and set aside cash to save for your goals. 


How to budget: Three strategies for avoiding common pitfalls

Budgeting isn't always easy, but there are strategies to help you succeed. Taking advantage of technology, keeping your expectations realistic, and being flexible can help you make a budget you can stick to.


Discover how equity fits into your portfolio

Equity compensation can potentially be a significant source of income if you know how to make the most of it. That means knowing what stocks or options you have, when they vest, and what to do at tax time.

Create your complimentary financial plan.

With the help of our short questionnaire and interactive tools, you can stress-test potential plans to better manage income, assets, and investments as you move toward retirement and beyond.

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Invest and save your emergency funds with Schwab.

To have fast access to emergency cash, you'll need to build and store it in a safe, low-risk place. A Schwab Bank Investor Checking account has no fees, no minimums, and a competitive APY, which means more money to invest.* You can easily transfer to and from the linked Schwab One® brokerage account set up for your equity compensation.

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Go deeper with Schwab's insights and education.

Go deeper with Schwab's insights and education.

Our insights library includes a wealth of straightforward resources covering investing, trading, tax-smart retirement planning, and more.


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