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Schwab can help offer the support you need for life's big transitions. When you take advantage of our tools and resources, your future home could be just around the corner.


    Affording a down payment is all about strategy.

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    Looking to put money down on a home? By following certain rules of thumb, you can increase your chances of saving enough for a down payment sooner rather than later.


    What you need to know about investing in a second home.

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    Whether you're using a second home for rental income or a personal getaway, it's subject to different rules than your primary residence. It's important to consider certain factors when buying, renting, or selling.


    Getting ready: 7 tips for the first-time home buyer.

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    The home-buying process may seem daunting, but a few tips—like how much cash to put down, how to improve your credit score, and how to get preapproved for a loan—can make the experience a lot easier.

Get discounts and competitive mortgage rates.

Whether you're buying your first home, investing in property, or moving someplace new, Schwab Bank and Rocket Mortgage® can help you get the loan you need. You'll work directly with Schwab Bank and a Rocket Mortgage team to reduce paperwork and help you become a competitive buyer.

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    Explore your loan options.

Go deeper with Schwab's insights and education.

Go deeper with Schwab's insights and education.

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